Blog Post 9 - Merlion reflection

" The Merlion is the best icon to represent SG. " .

Do you think this statement is true

 I think that this statement is true.

I strongly feel that a national icon is neccessary. It is designed to be inclusive and representative of the nation and it is also unique so that others can recognise the country just by seeing the national icon.

Many people may have different points of view of the merlion such as artists may find merlion is very ugly. However, we as singaporeans take pride in the merlion as it is our national icon and we are proud of it.

In Singapore, it has become a marketing icon used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Many people would think of Singapore whenever the Merlion is mentioned.

Merlion is special as it is actually named after Sang Nila Utama saw a lion on Singapore when he landed, and mer means the sea which is why it is called the merlion.

In Singapore, there are 5 merlions recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board. There is one 8.6m tall merlion (original) and one 2m cub statue behind it at the Merlion Park. There is a gigantic 37m tall replica at the Sentosa island. There is also a glazed poly marble replica at the Tourism Court and another same one on Mount Faber. There is also Replicas found in Japan and Shenzhen.

This is why the Merlion best represents SG as people would think of SG when they hear of the Merlion.

Blog Post 8 - LKY Special

 I was absent from this lesson due to Competition. However, i have heard from my group mates that the lesson is about the Tang dynasty and Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Mr Lee was our leader that has lead us from a Third World to the First World country. He also implemented many laws and rules and also ensured racial harmony on the country. It was a very daring thing to achieve but he did it and managed to let us live with other races. He was our leader and made sure that there was peace in the country. He also ensured that we have good relationship with other countries as it was very important. The laws in Singapore are strict so it is clear what is right and what is wrong.

The Tang dynasty also had a powerful leader which was able to lead and unite the country as one. The laws in both countries were strict and both had good governing system which is why both Singapore and Tang Dynasty were strong.

With the passing of Mr Lee, we are all very saddened but we have to continue his legacy and maintain the standards of Singapore, which he sacrificed his life for. Young leaders have to continue and work hard to continue building Singapore into a better country  

Blog post 7 - Suzhou Industrial Park.

Suzhou Industrial park was born in 26 February 1994 with Singapore and China developing it. It has a total jurisdiction area of 288 km2, of which, the China-Singapore cooperation area covers 80 km2 with a planned residential population of 1.2 million. In 1999, a replica of the SIP, the Suzhou New District was built. The prices compared to the SIP were cheaper which is why Singapore suffered losses and its share was reduced from 65% to 35%.

 I think it is wrong for them to built the Suzhou New District as it is cheating Singapore. They used Singapore as investors in SIP and then create a replica of it so that they can gain profit while Singapore will suffer losses. It is very dishonest of them and they should have at least discussed with Singapore about this. 

Through this, Singapore have learnt to not simply believe and trust other countries. We will need to study about the countries before we form an agreement with that country or we may get tricked again and suffer losses. 

CID Blog Post 6 - Presentation

This presentation had sounded easy at first but it is actually a rather difficult task. We had to find only One picture to represent Singapore, which is very difficult as Singapore cam be represented by many different things such as the food, attractions, language and many more. Finding a picture to represent all this is rather difficult so i had decided that instead of finding a picture that i think represent Singapore, i chose a picture then said how that picture represented Singapore, which was easier. However, the script i had wrote was too long as we only had a 3 min time limit, which made me squeeze everything in the few mainpoints. This experience had helped me learn to differentiate the important points and the extra points which is useless. It also let me learn how to do things in another way instead of just one (finding the picture taught me this). 

CID Blog Post 5 - Feedback

I was absent from this lesson due to competition. However, i had heard from my group mates about what happened and how group 6 had present their products. According to my group mates, Zijun and Wenxuan did most of the talking and the others mostly just stood there. I think that every member of the group should speak and not only the 2 of them talking the whole time. They should try to speak some parts so that the presentation would be better.

CID Blog Post 4 - China's economic growth

  By opening up to international trade, China will have more connections with other countries and can make more money by trading their products with other countries. China's economical growth will be significant as the country has many valuable products that other countries need such as food and water. With this, Singapore can import food and water from China too and this may improve the relationship between China and Singpore thus this would greatly advantageous to Singapore. However, with China in the WTO, some countries that Singapore previously traded items for may find China more worth it as they are richer so they will be able to benefit more from China than Singapore , this would cause problems for Singapore. Thus with China opening up of their country to international trade, it would be both advantageous and disadvantageous to Singapore.

CID Blog Post 3 - Prediction of Scenario

Due to the dwindling populatiob growth, the number of Singaporeans will decrease significantly. The birth rate of Singaporean couples are 0.9 lower than the 2.1 average, leading to fewer babies. At such, the manpower to run Singapore may not be enough as there are insufficient people to take up the jobs necessary, thus Singapore may face problems threatening her prosperity. In the future, if the younger generation fails to govern Singapore properly, we will be unable to live peacefully and lead a harsh life due to the high cost of living. I can predict myself leading a stressful lifestyle trying to support both my parents and my children. The cost of living rises due to lack of natural resources, such as solar and wind energy to produce electricity, oil and etc. The cost of electrical bills will increase simultaneously with the estimated increased usage of electronic gadgets, as technology advance. In order to ensure that this scenario does not occur in the future, the government should think of a way to encourage birth rates to serve as a prevention strategy.

Source :

Blog Post 2 - Poverty in Singapore 

See : From this image, it can be observed that this old lady is sleeping on a hard stone bench without any protection or blanket to prevent her form catching a cold.

Think : I think that this old lady has no place to stay and have no money as she does not have a house or property.

Wonder : I wonder if she would be safe as strangers might attack her like that. I wonder if she is able to sleep comfortably as the bench is very hard. I wonder if she has enough food to eat as she does not even have enough money.

Blog Post 1 - My December Holidays 

I spent most of my December Holidays in school going through vigorous trainings. The zonal competition begins at the start of the year so our training sessions have become tougher and more tiring so that we can get good results in the zonal competitions. I had to concentrate on completing my homework and revision as my results were not very satisfactory in Year 1 so I had the determination to study harder in Year 2 so that I could get better results.

Around the end of December, I had a 4D3N Church Teens Camp. We even stayed over in Palau Ubin from the 2nd to 3rd day. It was a great experience as I got to live outside my comfort zone and can adapt easier next time. Before we proceeded to Palau Ubin, we had an amazing race throughout Singapore where we had to complete missions and find the next location of the mission with the given clues. It was tough as we had to squeeze through the crowd on the MRT and bus with all the camping equipment brought for the camp, such as tents. We had outdoor activities such as cooking and catching and there was even a night trail. Sadly, we had to leave the place the next day. But at the last night of the camp, we had a haunted mansion whereby we had to find 10 items in the dark with some of our camp facilitators scaring us.

We played it at 12 midnight so it was quite dark and difficult to find the items. The facilitators did a good job scaring us though, they wore masks and made sudden appearances from corners to scare us. We took 3 hours but we still did could not finish the game and had to stop due to time constraints. We played Captain's Ball to another 3h till 6am and by that time, many of us were tired but the minority of us knew that we would not be able to wake up in 3h had we slept, so we stayed up to play Cherem, a kind of board game. Next, we had to clean up the area and equipment. When we were on the way home, my cousin and I feel asleep and we missed our stop, ending up far away so we had to take the bus towards the other direction, forcing us to stay awake this time round.

The following day, I followed my cousin's family to Malaysia, Kluang, along with some other relatives. It is not a very high-tect place and there were many wooden houses. We went there and hiked a hill though it was quite dangerous as it just rained and the area was slippery. The food here was surprisingly delicious and there were many traditional toys. There is only one big shopping mall there and since we were there on Christmas, there were sales at practically almost every stores. There was a goat farm but the tour takes about 2-3hour long and we did not have the time. We would probably have to go back next time but the location of the goat farm is very deserted. We had to travel 6h on a rocky road and there was quite high chances of tires exploding so we needed to go on a slow speed.

Overall, I had a quite hectic and busy holiday so I anticipate a peaceful one next.

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