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Mr Lee Kuan Yew: Singapore's father (post 8)

What I posted on my Instagram on the last day we could pay our respects to Mr Lee: i went to queue to pay my last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and i really felt the need to write about my feelings on what i saw. Because of the large crowd we (as in my family) knew there would surely be alot of cars so we decided to take the Mrt instead. When we reached city hall station we were ushered by many volunteers to the queue. I instantly was amazed by the number of volunteers there. There were both young and old volunteers, some members of the public even decided to bring their own trash bags and stand by the queue, volunteering to help dispose the trash the people that were queueing possessed. Many companies were also helping by giving out food and beverages. It was a long wait before reaching the Parliament but everyone stood together under the sun and rain,as one people,one nation, one Singapore, which was what Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted Singapore to be. But think about it, Mr Lee has done so much. Standing in the sun for a few hours can never be compared to his great contributions for the country.No one complained. But what was most surprising was how clean it was. There was not a single piece of rubbish on the floor. Everyone held onto their trash until they found a bin and im really glad to see that:) As I waited, i admired the beautiful garden city that we wouldnt have if not for Mr Lee. He had made such a great impact and im sure he will be remembered for centuries to come. However a video that has been recently uploaded made me really upset. The video is about this 17 year old talking about how Mr Lee was a horrible leader and he even said cockily " Come at me, motherfucker." Which was directed at Mr Lee Hsien Loong. I mean seriously that guy is simply seeking attention by posting videos contrary to popular believes like "Why you should drop out of school" or "Refuting Christians with their own Christian Bible". If you dislike Mr Lee, you could at least say it after the National Mourning period instead of being so disrespectful. Fortunately there are still many Singaporeans out there who support Mr Lee and truly appreciate him for what he has done for the Country. Rest In Peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. #riplky

Reflection on Suzhou industrial park( post 7)

I feel that it is absolutely disgusting that a complete replica of the Industrial park was made. What more,right beside the original one! Yes I agree that special precautions can be put up so that a copy cannot be made. This precaution should have been made especially in a country that is know for their very "highly skilled" copying skills. One example of a company that probably saved them a few million dollars is ofcourse the company that makes the most highly sought for phone, the company that revolutionize the way we use our phones today:Apple ofcourse. Despite the iPhone being so highly sought for, and people will probably do much about anything to help leak the design of the next iPhone, Apple has done oh so well to make sure that their design does not get leaked out,even though their product is "Designed in California.assembled in China" Therefore I feel that was one thing Singapore could have done. However on the bright side, they were able to copy the exterior but not our highly advanced technology. I believe Singapore can learn from this mistake and stand up stronger than ever in future projects.

Feedback on grp 6's presentation

Their super mop is pretty cool but it's unrealistic. On top of that,I also feel that they could have coordinated their presentation to run smoothly As there were many pauses that were very disturbing as a audience. However, their presenters spoke pretty decently.

Reflection for presentation (post 5)

Firstly,id like to start off with how I planned my speech. During the weekends, I seized the extra time I had and started writing my points on what I can talk about. I thought of the points I wanted to make before choosing the picture. I did a few drafts before I finally came to my final draft. I then practiced my presenting to my friends. 

Blog Post 4 - China's rapid economic growth 

With China's rapid economic growth, there would be several implication on its people. First of all, the business industry would grow distinctly, opening more job opportunities for its people. However, the income inequality would rise as the rich would get wealthier, while the poor remains in the poverty trap. The job opportunities would only be available for the rich, as the poor are usually uneducated, and are unable to get a stable job with good income.
By opening up to international trades, other countries would benefit as many goods are made in china at a cheaper cost. Many places depend on China for trade. For example, Singapore relies largely on China for trade, and trade is a huge contributor to Singapore's economy.

Blog Post 3 - Dwindling Population

I predict that the population will drop and this will affect the prosperity of Singapore. There might be a shortage of manpower, and foreign talents would have to be brought into Singapore. Tax prices will increase as there would be fewer people contributing to the country's finances. However,properties might also be cheaper and this will benefit families. The society would be less competitive than it already is, as there would be more job opportunities available, so people would not have to compete with each other too intensely for a job.


Blog Post 2 - The Forgotten

As you can see in this picture, a man is sleeping on a thin sheet of newspaper. Beside him is a few bags of what i suppose is food. This man is one of the many forgotten people of Singapore. The word Poverty is rather alien to most Singaporeans as more often than not, we do not see people like him. For example, beggars can be seen around the streets in Broadway,  New York. " Where are the begars in Singapore? Show me. " quoting Mr Lee Kuan Yew. These people are homeless and they live each day hoping they can survive to see the next. Everyday is a challenge to them. There are many reasons why I say so.

One common reason is because they had to pay for their love one's medical fee,but they did not have enough money in their pocket, so they had to sell their homes just so that one day their love ones could recover. But unfortunately, some don't.

Then, these people suddenly realise they are homeless, they don't have anyone to lean against. That's when every single day becomes a challenge. But do you think these people deserve to be homeless?Yes they didn't have to try and treat their family members. But why did they? Love and care. Love and care are the reasons why they did so. Without love and care i cannot even imagine what this world would be like. People would not bother helping they're family, friends, relatives. They would not bother to feed the thin and weak cat under their HDB blocks. Beggars on the street would have nothing to eat because people would not care for them. People will not bother donating to them because they don't care or feel for them.

 Fortunately, there are Singaporeans out there who care. An example of a organization that helps to beat poverty is the Singapore Against Poverty organization. These organisations give homeless people like the man in the picture a glimmer of hope that one day, finally one day, they will be able to get back up on their feet and break free of poverty.


Blog Post 1 - My December Holidays

I spent 2 weeks of my holiday in Malaysia. My father was sent by the company to work there so we decided to go and travel around in Malaysia since the company provided him with an apartment and a car. We first spent some time in KL before heading to Penang and Ipoh. We then travel back from Ipoh to Penang (where we stayed for 3 days and ate some awesome lamb ribs) and finally back to KL. One of the most memorable experience in this trip was para-sailing. I could see the long stretch of beach and also the jelly fishes in the sea.The feeling of the wind gushing in your face is truly magical.Its almost as if you were flying! Another memorable experience was entering a cave. It was pitch dark so we had to bring our torch lights. The water level was up to my knees but it was not hard to move about because no moss could grow on the stones (due to the lack of sunlight) and thus it was not slippery. It was a 4 hours trek in the cave and it really helped me to appreciate the beauty of nature. An inch of limestone would take 200 inch to form. But the most amazing thing was that some limestones were even 30 metres tall! Yea so that was how i spent my holiday :


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